The Creative Process

Creative Process

Creative Process

``To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it.`` - Kurt Vonnegut

1Exploration Stage

As you begin the creative journey, the first stage involves prep work and idea generation. This is when you gather materials and conduct research that could spark an interesting idea.

2Awareness Stage

When you have finished actively thinking about your idea, the second stage is where you let it go. This is when it ruminates in your subconscious and leads to greater awareness.

3Connection Stage

The light bulb clicks on as spontaneous new connections are formed.In this third stage, the answer to your creative quest strikes you, and an idea is formed.

4Resilience Stage

During this stage, you consider the validity of your idea and weigh it against alternatives.This is also a time of reflection when you look back at your initial concept or problem to see if your solution aligns with your initial vision.

5Transformation Stage

Now, you finalize your design, bring your idea to life, and change the world.


Remember to find enjoyment in the process!